Thirty four 26 is a collaborative film company that fosters creative work from a team perspective. Our goal is to create with purpose and full integrity. We ensure passion in every project and power in every result. We’re a collaborative team of creatives who share the vision of storytelling.


Fred Evans

Audio, Post-production, Writer

Fred Evans is a, Sound Mixer, Editor, and award-winning co-writer for a TV Pilot with his wife, Jana` Evans. His creative talents started in high school, where he first became a musician. Since then, he has been self-taught and learned through mentors in the aspects of media arts. Fred contributes majority of his time through post-production for the film company.

Jana` Evans

Writer, Business Management

Jana` Evans holds a BA degree in Writing with a concentration in Creative Writing. She published her first book in 2011 under the pseudonym Jana` Chantel. Most recently, she won an award from the 2017 New York Film and TV Festival for a TV pilot she co-wrote with her husband Frederick Evans.

Sean Snider

Director, Cinematographer

Sean Snider is a professional cinematographer, he is a Wayne State University student with years of experience in every facet to immortalize your vision. Serving as the producer of numerous music videos and films that have been nominated for multiple awards he’s always awaiting the next amazing opportunity.

Paige B. Alston

Director, Writer

Paige B. Alston is a compelling director, writer, and filmmaker with experience creating campaign videos for Non-Profit Organizations, entertainment events, films, and documentaries. Paige is an artist that creates a utopia for ideas and brings them to life. She has been featured for her work in local presses. Paige believes it’s her God-given calling to transform lives using visceral images under the platform of being a young female Auteur.

Ariel Bogan


Ariel Bogan is a resounding producer of many works of art. She graduated University of Michigan-Dearborn with degree’s in both Communications and Film Studies. She also obtained a certification in Public Relations. Ariel has curated and promoted esteemed events and secured prestigious clients using her alluring act for persuasion. She began filmmaking in high school and later continued her career in media working as a producer for a local radio station. Soon after she was led back to filmmaking where she now leads in production.