‘CHASING AFTER YOU’ Trailer Released

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After a young male pursues a single mother with no interest in a relationship; other than her one with God. Michael, the leading male, continues to show persistent for the leading lady Elise, only to be greeted with rejection. Single mother Elise is focused on her spiritual relationship but continues to get reminded that she may never be forgiven by the people that visit her in her past relationships.

The anticipated Trailer for upcoming ThirtyFour26 Feature Film ‘Chasing After You’ is here. Taking you on a journey between two main characters Elise (portrayed by Gabby Ruffin) and Mike (portrayed by Malachi Lee) the trailer brings relationship of Elise and her life influences to life.

The film introduces Gabby Ruffin in her first feature film along side many other on screen talents such as Shiek Mahmad-Bey, Cameo Sherrell, Louis Martinez, and DeMaris Harvey. The film is set to release early this year.

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