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Fault:Gamma is a dramatic TV series that involves two terminally ill characters —Terri Graham, and Martin Vessor— searching for answers as to how their loved one died in a historic nuclear meltdown in New London, CT.

The demo reel focuses on how Terri, a gifted programmer, assist Maria by getting revenge on her ex-boyfriend using only cordless phones and a few microwaves

Jillian Craighead (Terri)
Starleesha Turnbull (Maria)
Tyler Bickel (Brett)
Vic Ryan (Jordan)
Molly Gibson (Tenant 1)
Malikia Cee (Tenant 2)
Chay Moore (Tenant 3)

Production Crew:
Sean Snider- Director, Director of Photography, Colorist, Lighting
Paige Alston – Co-Director, Lighting
Fred Evans – Writer, Audio, Music Composition, Editing
Jana Chantel – Writer, Script Supervisor
Ariel Bogan- Producer
Brandon Vivian- Lighting
Tatrianna- Makeup Artist (Shades of Beauty)
B.A. McCain- Script Editor

Special Thanks:
The Collectve Clothing
Woodward Camera

Script Winner for Best TV Series Concept



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