CHASING AFTER YOU: A story of Modern Pursuit

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Chasing After You is a visceral film that explores the ideas of a modern affair between God and man. It visits the perspective of living life, with and without, the idea of what being a christian is like. Telling the story through the eyes of Elise and Mike: Elise is all about her God but can’t seem to shake her past once her faith sets in; Mike is a young successful man who pursues Elise for her outside beauty, only to find the vices of her ugly past. As the two cross paths, they gain a new understanding for what life is truly like with faith on their side.

Be on the lookout for the release and premiere of this original ThirtyFour26 project written and directed by Paige B. Alston. The story takes place in todays modern world of christianity and the world. It explores the thoughts and real life situations of broken man. Lead by the inspiration of a church leader the characters set out for the best journey but find themselves sometimes stuck in rapture of old habits and old people in their life.

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